Service Fees Schedule (8/1/2012)

Insufficient/Uncollected Funds (paid or returned)

(Interest on overdraft/uncollected funds is at a rate of 15% per annum.)

$20.00 per check
Deposited Check Returned $10.00 per check
Stop Payment (per six months) $15.00 per item
Certified Check (by maker) $10.00 per check
Money Order $2.00 each order
Cashier's Check $10.00 per check
Consular Letters / Verification of Deposits $10.00 each
Lost Passbook $10.00 per book
ATM card $5.00 per card
Rolled Coins $0.25 per roll
Counter Check $1.00 each
Safe Deposit Key Replacement $20.00 each set
Safe Deposit Late Payment Fee $20.00
Safe Deposit Break Open $150.00 each
Legal Process (including restraining notices, executions, levies, summons, subpoenas, etc...) $50.00 per item
All Checking and Savings accounts closed within three (3) months of opening $15.00 each account

Cash transactions per day by the same account or person over $10,000.00 will be subject to a $0.30 service fee for each additional $100.00.


Collection Fees

Domestic $12.00 per item
Canada $15.00 per item
All other countries $30.00 per item


Photocopies, Investigations, etc... (subject to availability)

Monthly Statement Copy $5.00 per month
Canceled Checks/Money Orders $5.00 per item
Instant Statement from Computer $1.00 per page